Casting Announcement: Marc Wayne to play Villain!

Very exciting news, everybody!

Marc Wayne, an unbelievably talented artist and one of my closest friends, has just agreed to play the villain in my version of Now Upon A Time!


Marc Wayne, and yes, the hair is natural...


I met Marc while working at The Culture House nearly seven years ago and was the videographer on his dance production “genesis” with his company Maxxas Dance Theatre. Since then we have collaborated numerous times, both on stage and off, most recently performing in Störling Dance Theater’s “Underground” (Marc starring and being awesome, me being comic relief).


Marc and Ben on the set of the short film "Brotherhood"


On film, Marc just co-starred in the local indie feature Terminal, which just finished principal photography, and will also be starring in my short film Brotherhood, a second attempt at a film I made several years ago, in which he also starred.

I am so excited to have Marc on board for Now Upon A Time (playing his first villain, no less)! Not only does he bring incredible levels of talent, professionalism, and commitment, but he also brings the shorthand, camaraderie, and sheer enjoyment of working together that he and I have developed over years of collaboration (not to mention glowing hair).

This project just got even better and more fun than it already was.


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