CREW ANNOUNCEMENT: DP and Fight Choreographer

Like I tweeted the other day, “Crewing up is hard to do.” Fortunately, these two guys were no brainers. I’ve worked with both of them before, and both of them elevate every project they work on. Very exciting!

Sam Sullivant – Producer/Director of Photography

Since 2004, freelance artist and director of photography Sam Sullivant has been working in the film and video industry, establishing a reputation for blending creativity with technical expertise to bring about polished and poignant results. From the Oprah Winfrey Show to American Idol and Fox Sports Net, he brings both experience and creativity to each production he works on. In addition to being Director of Photography for Blue’s production of “Now Upon A Time,” he will also be co-producing through his company, Sully Productions.

Sam Sullivant, Producer / Director of Photography


Nicholas Suddarth – Fight Choreographer

Over the past 15 years, Nicholas Suddarth, who holds a black belt in Wu Chi Kung Fu and a 2nd degree black belt in Chinese Kempo, has served as a lead instructor of Kickboxing, Jujitsu, MMA, and Chinese Kempo at AKKA Karate. Supplementing his extensive martial arts experience, US Army service, and many 1st place competition victories, is a long held passion for film fight choreography. He is definitely on the path to becoming the fight choreographer in the Kansas City area. In addition to choreographing the climactic fight scene in “Now Upon A Time,” he will serve as general stunt coordinator and lead stunt performer.

Nicholas Suddarth, Fight Choreographer

For “Now Upon A Time,” both these jobs are beyond essential, and these guys are some of the best. Now to search for the other 8,327 crew people I need…


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