One Man Band: Indie Film Necessary Evil #1

Pixar's "One Man Band" - Brilliant, and painfully insightful...

There are many necessary evils and unfortunate realities to Independent Film. One of these is the fact that chances are you are doing everything! Such is the case with me. I’m doing almost everything, including this blog.

(You aren’t truly appreciative of all 8 minutes of credits after a movie until you try to do all those jobs by yourself…and fail…)

On the one hand, this means that I can keep tighter control over the quality and choices of the film. On the other hand, I have no one to blame but myself if something goes wrong.

Like today. With this blog. I said that I was going to be doing a post on Storyboarding today. Clearly, this is not that. Why? Because I’m out of town and haven’t had time to write the friggin’ thing!

Rest assured, I’ll be home in Olathe in a couple days and will post about Storyboarding as soon as I can. Until then, enjoy this week’s lesson.


This week’s lesson:
If you ever want to have a personal life,
avoid Independent Film like the plague!

Next week (or whenever): Storyboarding…I promise…

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