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Some more key members have joined up. Very exciting. Eric Sandefur – Assistant Director Eric Sandefur graduated from Compass College of Cinematic Arts and moved out to Los Angeles for an internship. During school he worked on numerous projects, including … Continue reading

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Picking a Fight: The Basics of Fight Choreography

[This blog is a day late. You can blame Sam first, and then Nicholas. They’re both lazy bums…] [Um, yeah, this is Ben’s ghost. Nicholas just killed Ben with his thumb while Sam filmed the violence with artistic brilliance. Before … Continue reading

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Cinematography vs Videography: What’s all the buzz about digital filmmaking?

This week I’m having Director of Photography and Producer Sam Sullivant talk about cinematography, his first in a two part series. Over the next few weeks I’ll be having more department heads talk about their fields. If you have any … Continue reading

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Too Many Cooks: Indie Film Necessary Evil #2

Irony. You gotta love it. While Necessary Evil #1 was all about how in independent film you tend to be doing everything yourself, Necessary Evil #2 is almost the exact opposite. And yet, both are painfully true. Film is the … Continue reading

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“I Can’t SEE It!”: Why Storyboarding Matters

And we’re back! Okay, moving on… Storyboarding. I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding as to the purpose of storyboards in filmmaking. Usually, when we see storyboards, whether it be in published books or DVD extras comparing the … Continue reading

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