CREW SHIFT: Elizabeth Nelsen to DP

All right, so as I’ve said MANY times before, filmmaking is crazy time consuming. Unfortunately, that means that sometimes things need to change if things are going to get done. That said, there’s been a change in our crew.

Sam Sullivant has decided to step back from being the Director of Photography in favor of Producing so that he can focus more on his own company, Sully Productions. Totally understandable. Bills have to be paid. And he’s still going to stay on as Producer, taking care of some absolutely essential aspects of production, and I thank him greatly for that.

Thankfully, Elizabeth Nelsen, who I recently announced as Assistant Camera, has agreed to step up and fill Sam’s shoes…not literally…that would be gross…nevermind, it’s a stupid metaphor anyway.

Liz has a great eye and photography background and is a solid producer in her own right. Her film “Opera Farmer,” directed by Mackenzie Storhaug, has recently played at the Green Bay Film Festival, the Wildwood Film Festival and the Chiaroscuro Film Series.

"Opera Farmer" starring William Bokhout

While a change in crew can sometimes be very stressful, Sam and Liz are making it really easy, and this film is going to be good. Very exciting.


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