The “Experiment”

What the heck is “The NUAT Experiment”? That’s a fair question. “The NUAT Experiment” is a short film project that will look at two versions of the same film, titled


Using the same script, two filmmakers will shoot separate, and probably very different, films. Then, after both films have made their festival runs, they will be packaged together on a single DVD with extensive behind-the-scenes features. We’re talking upwards of three to four hours (hopefully) of behind-the-scenes, examining every aspect of physical and post-production. It will essentially be a mini film school on one DVD, using these short films as a case study.

This blog will aim to carry you, the audience, with us through the process of making these films. We’ll try to look at all aspects of production, and if there’s anything specific you want to hear more about, please let us know. The behind-the-scenes/education aspect of this project starts here, which means it’s about you almost as much as it is about us (don’t feel bad, we’re kind of awesome).

Thank you so much for your support! We want this to be a destination blog for you, something you can’t wait to read next time, so PLEASE let us know what you think. The education aspect is key, sure, but if we are not entertaining you, then we are not doing our jobs!

(Quick note on the word “experiment.” We are aware that this is not technically an “experiment” in the scientific use of the word. It is closer to an examination or study. But let’s face it. “Experiment” just sounds better than either of those.)

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1 Response to The “Experiment”

  1. Jeremiah Enna says:

    I’m in !!

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