Some more key members have joined up. Very exciting.

Eric SandefurAssistant Director

Eric Sandefur graduated from Compass College of Cinematic Arts and moved out to Los Angeles for an internship. During school he worked on numerous projects, including serving as Assistant Director on Blue’s “Relative Situation.” Now back in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he continues writing and completing yet another internship. Eric’s easy going attitude but commanding presence (not to mention his extreme tallness) make him an ideal Assistant Director.

Eric Sandefur, Assistant Director

Dylan BorgerGaffer

Dylan Borger moved from Minnesota to Michigan to attend Compass College of Cinematic Arts and now works at a well known local lighting studio there in Grand Rapids. He too worked on Blue’s “Relative Situation” as Gaffer. With the unique opportunities Michigan’s film incentive has brought to its residents, Dylan has been able to work in the lighting department on several independent features, including the $12+ million production, “Setup.”  Before going to school, Dylan worked as an editor for his church’s national broadcast program.  He continues to write in his off-time, aspiring to write and direct a feature.

Dylan Borger, Gaffer

Elizabeth NelsenAssistant Camera

Elizabeth’s career as a filmmaker began with her keen interest in still photography which grew into a passion for cinematography. During her time at Compass College of Cinematic Arts, she produced two short films and DPed a number of projects, as well as serving as Assistant Camera on Blue’s “Relative Situation.” She currently resides in Appleton, WI, pursuing a career in cinematography and has plans of producing her own projects in the future.

Elizabeth Nelsen, Assistant Camera

Noah SampselBest Boy/Key Grip

Noah Sampsel received his first camera on his 14th birthday, shot numerous videos for his church, and knew that filmmaking was his niche. With an undying passion for lighting & camera work, he pursued his dreams after High School by attending Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids, MI, where he DPed, acted, and gripped on several projects, including Blue’s “Relative Situation.” He now has 4 feature films under his belt and continues to chase his dream of becoming a Cinematographer.

Noah Sampsel, Best Boy / Key Grip

You may have noticed a couple common denominators among these four (I made them pretty obvious, so if you missed them…shame…). They all came up with me through Compass College of Cinematic Arts and worked on my short film “Relative Situation.” I would be hard pressed to find people I trusted more in these positions. It’s amazing how much easier it is to rest when you know you can trust your department heads.


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  1. mary says:

    GO TEAM!!

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